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    To get a special ClearCorrect provider price for Zendura, contact ClearCorrect Support at:888-331-3323 or support@clearcorrect.com.

    Zendura® plastic has been specially formulated for ClearCorrect by Bay Materials. It is a polyurethane resin that has been crafted and tested extensively to make it a superior plastic for clear aligners: it leads the class in stress retention, crack & impact resistance, clarity, and stain resistance. And, of course, it has been thoroughly tested for biocompatibility. 

    Until 2012, Zendura was only available for use by ClearCorrect. 

    Tech specs:

    • 20 sheets, pre-dried and single packaged in foil pouch
    • 0.030" x 125mm round or square sheets
    • Bay Materials recommends the use of pressure-forming systems. However, you may use a vacuum-forming machine to thermoform Zendura, using the enclosed special instructions.

    View or download Zendura's MSDS here.

    Pressure fabrication instructions here.

    Shelf Life:

    Regarding the dryness for thermoforming for single packaged parts (or 20 pack packages parts) in 6 mil foil bag packed with desiccant, data supports 3.5 years for the dryness and readiness for thermoforming.

    Regarding the dryness of the cut sheet, after bag is cut open and removed from the foil packet, recommended use is by 15 minutes, otherwise water migrates into the sheet and evidence of moisture may be visible in some environments as soon as a half an hour.

    Prescribing physician is responsible for ensuring product claims and use are consistent with local product approvals and regulatory requirements.

    Zendura products manufactured by BAY MATERIALS LLC., 48450 Lakeview Blvd. | Fremont, CA 94538.

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