• Chewies (20)

  • $15.00

  • Description

    Chewies™ help patients improve the fit of their aligners and close gaps, both inside and outside of the doctor's office. By chewing on these reusable plastic rolls, patients help their aligners seat while relieving any tension or discomfort caused by a fresh set of aligners.

    Chewies come pre-packaged in handout-friendly sets of two. Each $15 order contains 20 total Chewies, in 10 individual bags. We recommend distributing Chewies to your patients at each fitting appointment, or including a large bag with the price of treatment.

    Prescribing physician is responsible for ensuring product claims and use are consistent with local product approvals and regulatory requirements.

    Chewies are manufactured by OrthoQuest Inc., 8831 S. 117th St. | Lavista, NE 68128.

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