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    OAP provides instant cleaning of clear aligners and takes only 60 seconds to use.  The carefully formulated, proprietary cleaning solution is effective at cleaning and sanitizing all types of clear braces and clear tooth alignment systems, killing 99.99% of all viruses, bacteria, fungi and germs on contact.  It also removes stains, plaque and offensive odors.

    OAP is BPA, persulfate and chlorine-free, and is completely safe to use on clear aligners, as well as aligner storage containers.  It is a gentle and mild cleaning agent that won’t cause discoloration of the clear plastic or result in abrasion of the surface material.

    How to clean Aligners with OAP Cleaner:

    Cleaning clear plastic aligners with OAP Cleaner is fast, easy and effective!

    Simply place your aligner over a sink, bowl or towel and then:

    • PUMP – Press the pump top of the OAP cleaner bottle to deliver the cleaning serum where your aligner need to be cleaned (one pump is all you need!)
    • SCRUB – Use a soft bristle brush or cloth to gently agitate the cleanser and to provide full coverage over the entire aligner
    • RINSE – Rinse the cleaner off with water and your clear aligner is clean!

    Active ingredients:

    • Water
    • Oramix NS10
    • Linphoeteric CAB35
    • Linamine LO-N
    • Glucamate Thickener
    • Benzethonium Chloride
    • Saccharin
    • Peppermint
    • Eucalyptus
    • Euxyl PE 9010
    • Polysorbate L20

    Prescribing physician is responsible for ensuring product claims and use are consistent with local product approvals and regulatory requirements.

    OAP products manufactured by OAP CLEANER, 1465 Broadway | Hewlett, NY 11557.

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